Types of Water Damage that Can Affect Your Home in Canoga Park, CA

Water damage that impacts houses, commercial areas and other properties can have different categories and therefore can affect your properties in different ways. According to IICRC’s Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration, there are three types of water damage categories that can wreck havoc in your house.

The Different Categories of Water Damage

Categories Of Water Damage Canoga Park CA

As there are three categories of water damage, its descriptions and nature also differ from one another.

CLEAN WATER: Clean water is a type of water damage that comes under category I. This water is not contaminated as the source from where the water is released, is clean. This is why consumption by either human beings or animals is safe and non hazardous. Clean water’s potential sources include leaky faucets, broken pipes, water supply tanks, faulty supply lines on appliances and rain water that falls vertically.

GREY WATER: This type of water damage forms category II. It is basically waste water that is a result of routine activities in households. Its potential sources are tub drains, flushes from sinks, dishwasher and washing machine overflows and showers. Although there is no fecal matter present in it, it does consist of a certain degree of contamination. If consumed by humans or animals, one may experience discomfort or sickness.

BLACK WATER: Black water makes up water damage category III. Since it consists of toilet overflow such as sewer backup and feces, the water is highly contaminated. It can be very dangerous as it can cause serious illness and even death, if consumed by humans as well as pets. This is because it comprises of stagnant water and so it encourages bacterial growth. It is also found to be a major component of rising flood water from streams/floods and ground surface water that horizontally flows into homes.

Restore Water Damage Using the Help of the Experts

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